Plastic Surgery In Korea - V-line Surgery

V-line surgery reduces wide square jaw and creates pretty Barbie doll face.

V-line surgery requires operating on lower jaw bone. Part of mandibular angle below the ear should be resected. That has slimming effect from the side view. Cortical bone is also cut in the course of V-line surgery diagonally, which reduces thickness of the bone. That, in return, creates natural slim face line which looks good at any angle. The cut is made below facial nerve so there is no risk to damage it. To complete V-line surgery, it is often necessary to operate on chin tip as well. In most clinics, you will be offered to do T-osteotomy, but there are some other methods existing too. 

V-line surgery, however, should not be performed on bones only. It is important to take in account soft tissues as well, so that there will not be no side effects such as skin sagging. Please make sure to find plastic surgery professionals who would create harmonic and natural face contour.

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