Plastic Surgery In Korea - Cheekbone Surgery

Cheekbone surgery includes various techniques of cheekbone reduction. They may differ depending on patient’s facial bones and plastic surgery centre.

Cheekbone surgery’s main goal is to reduce cheekbones that are too prominent. That allows to create smooth oval face line. Doctors strive to make the surgery minimally invasive for faster recovery and side effect prevention, so they apply anterior cheekbone reduction which is a surgical method that bones are not resected but grinded. However, this method is not applicable to all cases. If you want more dramatic effect, you will need 3D cheekbone reduction. This surgery includes symmetrical osteotomy of cheekbones on both sides. They will be cut off and pushed inwards to create three-dimensional effect and prevent cheek sagging.

Cheekbone surgery can make your face prettier and smaller. You should find professionals who would provide you with the best results without having to worry about skin sagging.

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