Plastic surgery in Korea - Lower eyelid surgery

Lower eyelid surgery includes removing fat bags,droopy skin and muscles, dark circle, creating love band, and fat repositioning.

Lower eyelid surgery is a key for rejuvenating look, creating defined eye shape and improving overall facial impression. One of lower eye lid surgery is dark circle correction which is to remove dark circle that is caused by sunken eyes, sagged fat or pigmentation issues. Dark circle makes you look tired and older, so it is necessary to correct them through lower eyelid surgery for lively and refresh impression. Another lower eyelid surgery is fat repositioning. Fat repositioning is one of the best ways to regain youthful look by removing excessive skin and fat under eyes or repositioning fat. All types of lower eyelid surgery make incisions inner eyes, so scars are invisible and effect is permanent. 

Lower eyelid surgery is suitable from age 20’s. Even small volume under eyes will change your whole impression. It is necessary choose a professional surgeon for the best and safe surgery.

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