Plastic Surgery In Korea - Double Jaw Surgery

Double jaw surgery is plastic operation that is done for both cosmetic and medical reasons. It is necessary in case of severe jaw deformities that do not only look unattractive but also cause malocclusion and some other diseases. If it left untreated, it can lead to dental problems, bone density loss and eating disorders. It is necessary to receive double jaw surgery to prevent these diseases.

Double jaw surgery is a process of realignment of lower and upper jaw bones. They should be cut and relocated to the new position. As a result of double jaw surgery, upper and lower teeth should overlap forming healthy bite. That would solve all the problems caused by malocclusion and change facial features as well.

Double jaw surgery requires attentive post-operative care. To prevent bone movement, jaw bones should be fixed with medical pins. After operation you might need mouth tying, which causes temporary inconvenience. After double jaw surgery and recovery period, you will be able to enjoy your new self with proportional face.

Double jaw surgery is difficult and challenging procedure, so be sure to find qualified specialists for your operation.

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