Plastic Surgery In Korea - Revision Breast Surgery

Revision breast surgery is necessary to women who did breast augmentation but are still unsatisfied or are facing complications. Normally revision breast surgery should be done no earlier than 6 months after primary operation, but if emergency occurs, it might be necessary to do it earlier.

Revision breast surgery’s most common reason is capsular contracture which is a reaction of human body to a foreign substance. Breasts become hard, and implant is evidently seen through skin. Other reasons for breast revision include implant leakage, rippling of saline implant, breast asymmetry, implant movement or dissatisfaction with size or shape. In revision breast surgery, doctor must remove old implants. You would insert new implants or return to your pre-breast augmentation size.

Revision breast surgery should start with careful examination. It is important to define the problem and the cause to make first revision your last. It is necessary to choose qualified experts for successful reoperation.

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